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The Narragansett Screw Company

Capabilities to produce cold headed fasteners from #2 thru 3/8 machine screw, and cap screws
up to 4'' in length, some specials up to 5'' and wood screws up to #24 by 6''.

Cold headers  Complete line of cold formers from 1/8'' machines thru 3/8.
    ***1/2'' coming soon***

Inline Wire drawing  available on all sizes

Specialty parts made on multi-die cold formers, and specialty roll forms

Secondary Operations  drilling, tapping, slotting, threading, shaving, cut threads, trimming

Finishes  Plating, zinc, yellow, bright, oil, black oxide, pasaivate, locking patches, and many others

Technical support  Let Narragansett's 40 plus year experience help you with your fastener dilemmas